About Andrea

Born in Verona, Italy, Andrea Denver is a successful model and social media influencer with 1.2 million followers on Instagram.  He currently lives in Manhattan and speaks fluent Italian, English, as well as conversational German.  Andrea Denver has modeled for Ralph Lauren, Hugo Boss, Brooks Brothers, Abercrombie, Mac Cosmetics, Diadora, Daks Sport, amongst other.  He has been featured in Men’s Health, GQ, and several other publications in addition to JLo’s music Video “I Luh Ya Papi” and Taylor Swift’s “Blank Space” which received over two billion views.  


Andrea Denver is represented by top agencies in multiple cities including: Soul Artist Management NYC, Wilhelmina Miami, Wilhelmina Los Angeles, PMA Germany, Next UK, Dmanagement Milan, and UNO Spain.  A great personality and being a pleasure to work with, earned him the recent BMW campaign. Andrea Denver is committed to health and fitness with aspirations of achieving balance in mind and spirit.  He uses his platform and reach to contribute to charity, inspire others, and to share positivity. He remains dedicated to self-improvement and motivation.   


The model recently released this jewelry line named, Andver Jewels. The jewelry is not only sexy but also unisex; perfect for any man or woman looking for fashionable luxury in a minimalistic accessory. The collection is made with the highest quality gold and diamonds.  Designed by the model himself and, just like him, it is sure to catch anyone’s gaze. 

The Collection

Being born in Verona, Italy; an ancient city, where everything from the streets to the monuments, from the churches to the palaces, speak art.   At an early age, Andrea was drawn to beautiful things.   His parents encouraged him to follow his passions.  After attending University and establishing a successful modeling career, he decide to explore different mediums of design as outlets for his creativity and self expression.  


Modeling has allowed Andrea to travel the world which exposed him to different cultures and art.  He has also been able to work with some of the most sought after fashion designers in the fashion industry.  Today, he is ready to share his own jewelry designs with the world.

Andver Jewels is named after the model himself.  He began production after several months of sketching images that became the blueprint to construct the actual pieces. 


 The collection exhibits meticulous attention to detail that displays bold choices refined by minimalistic edits.  The Andver collection showcases simplicity in shape and color but still capture one’s eye. The model was inspired to conceptualize a unisex collection that displayed versatility.  Each creation can be incorporated into an edgy, chic street style coupled with jeans but, also, worn to a black tie affair. When he released the collection, it was important to him that each piece was glamourous enough for a woman but demonstrates suitable resolve for a man.  Andrea is excited to share these designs with his audience.  Unisex just got a lot sexier.